General Information


Is the capital of Indonesia and is located west of the island of Java, the most important cities and was in the eighteenth century called "Batavia" and there was a famous massacre against the Chinese who lived there in 1740 and this massacre is called the massacre Batavia 1740. Jakarta currently has about 25 million people. Its system of government is republican and is a province of its own.

It is Indonesia's main gateway. 200 years ago, this vital city was a modest port. The trade in spices and exquisite handicrafts made Indonesia famous and open to the world, and Jakarta is now an advanced and modern city, full of high-end shops, malls, restaurants, galleries and shopping malls. In this highly active city with its majestic mosques, charming beauty, and its diverse tourist and historical landmarks.

The most important tourist attractions in Jakarta

  • The Istiklal Mosque18
    Istiklal Mosque is a huge and majestic mosque and is considered one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia. This monumental architecture is located in the northeastern corner of the famous Mardika Square and is frequented by worshipers from all over Jakarta to perform daily prayers. Most of the visitors to Indonesia, Muslims and foreigners also visit him and take pictures of his famous area.


  • National Monument (Monas)19
    The National Monument or Monas is popularly known as one of the monuments built during the reign of President Sukarno. It represents the Indonesian people's determination to obtain their freedom and culminate in freedom and independence in 1945. This monument rises 137 meters and peaks with 35 kg of pure gold. There is also a lift that takes visitors to the top of the monument and next to the monument is a small historical museum with historical exhibits and a spacious green space and access is open all week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


  • Jalan Surabaya Market20
    Is a popular historical market that Jakarta is keen to visit as the shops line up on Janibeh just one kilometer away and it is a popular popular market. Most of the state's official visitors want to visit. The market includes a group of stalls selling souvenirs, antiques, rock and wood sculptures, and many historical and folk goods that represent the heritage of the Indonesian population.

  • Sundakilapa21
    Port popular surrounding area represents the genesis of Jakarta almost 5 centuries ago, one of the interesting historical places that attract tourists from different countries of the world government aims to make this historic shrine area, so it has created a maritime museum tells the history of Javanese civilization and draws everyone's attention that the port continues to operate many of the old wooden ships did not and from which the transfer of goods to various Indonesian islands are abandoned as this region contains a large fish market and restaurants are cooking fish in front of where visitors are surprising so many foreign tourists who are there to take pictures Altzk Rayya this wonderful place.
  •  Ansol22
    Anshul is located in North Jakarta and has a small marina where yachts and boats go to visit the nearby islands and enjoy a full day's visit from the morning. The area also features an 18 hole golf course open to all. The most noticeable attraction is the beach, Open-air theaters, food and beverage stalls, as well as some exhibits and clothing. The area is also a great place to observe the painters working in the open air. This area is a cable car that runs through the area to see the wonderful view of Ancel from the top.
  • Sea World Park23
    A great park in the area of Ancel can be visited at a symbolic price, where Zoura enjoys wonderful moments.
    Where it displays more than 5,000 species of marine organisms.
    Visitors walk through glass tubes in the middle of the water and dive into the ocean.
    Where you have the latest styles of marine life and you will enjoy and lived in a bubble water in the sea where you see how to integrate Indonesians technical nature through glass vessels live fish and various marine organisms from shark to crab and turtles also you will find when you leave a collection of souvenirs that will inevitably remind you of this place.
  • City of fantasy world games24
    Fantasia clubs or fantasy world is actually a fantasy world contains a large collection of modern games that spread over a large area and in a wonderful coordination of nature was incorporated by technology and also located in the area of Ancol and everyone can enjoy the games to pay a certain amount in the outer gate to be put a bracelet or stamp on Your hand allows you to play all day in this fantastic city as there are many restaurants and souvenir shops, which are divided into several sections where games are published by the Sunni category.
  • The 1000 islands
    Hundreds of small islands scattered near Jakarta and are a haven for many during the weekly holidays and therefore it is recommended to visit during the working days of the week are available these islands many of the entertainment options and calm and clean air away from the congestion of Jakarta These islands contain wonderful beaches and golden sands and restaurants, There are some resorts and rooms for daily rental. These islands also have many marine sports, especially diving. These islands have been developed for the purpose of tourism.    
  • The National Museum
    The National Museum of Jakarta is located on Mladika Street Jl. Merdeka Barat This street adjoins the Monas National Monument on the west side
    This museum contains outstanding historical exhibits such as ancient jewelry, bronze sculpture and stone
    As well as dress for different areas, ancient stamps and coins, as well as old furniture representing colonial days
    Geological samples from different Indonesian regions so it is actually a place worth visiting. 
  • Museum of History of Jakarta
    The History Museum of Jakarta presents the commemorative waste that depicts the historical development of the city and its large collection
    Of 18th-century furniture and an impressive collection of clothing and antiques inherited from former colonial rulers.
  • Doll Museum
    This museum dedicates a world of dolls especially that the puppet world represents one of the traditional Indonesian arts and varies among the wooden and wooden dolls. The museum also has a large collection of masks that they used in ancient times and represent one of the rare artifacts in the world. There are also special offers for these puppets and masks made during the morning of every Sunday.
  • Taman Mini: Indonesia Mini Park25
    Taman Mini Indonesia is a huge park located in East Jakarta in an area of about 250 acres (1.0 km 2).
    The park is one of Indonesia's most popular tourist attractions, with a museum, a zoo, a children's amusement park, a flower garden and a mosque, facilities, shops, restaurants and event halls.