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The State of Qatar Calls for Resolving Differences Through Dialogue and Respect of Sovereignty

The State of Qatar stressed that the dangers and challenges facing the Arab nation require the resolution of differences based on the principle of dialogue, respect for the sovereignty and independence of States and non-interference in the internal affairs of any State. This came in the speech of the State of Qatar at the opening session of the 151st session of the Council of the League of Arab States at the level of Foreign Ministers, which was delivered today by HE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sultan bin Saad Al Muraikhi. His Excellency noted that the Arab world was facing many dramatic developments that will reflect on all its issues, primarily Palestine. His Excellency reiterated Qatar's steadfast stance and support for the Palestinian cause and the firm rights of the brotherly Palestinian people, led by their right to self-determination and the establishment of an independent state on the borders of June 4 of 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital in accordance to international resolutions on the matter. He added that the Arab world must work together to ensure the realization of that goal.

Qatar Stresses That Unconditional Dialogue is the Best Solution to the GCC Crisis

The State of Qatar stressed that, despite the continued illegal blockade imposed on it and contrary to all humanitarian, legal and religious values and principles, and the failure to provide any evidence of the charges against it, it still believes that dialogue without preconditions is the best solution to the Gulf crisis. This came in the speech of HE Director of Department of International Organizations Yousef bin Sultan Yousef Laram in the 46th meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation of the member countries, which was held in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. His Excellency stressed that the State of Qatar stands firmly in the face of extremism and terrorism in all its forms, images and causes. He added that the country plays an active role in all international and regional efforts to combat extremism and terrorism at all levels, including cooperation with international organizations and the United Nations. He also pointed out that the threat of terrorism is striking throughout the world in a flagrant challenge to all humanitarian laws and values, international laws and national legislation.

Qatar Calls Siege Countries to Sit to Negotiating Table to End Human Rights Violations

The State of Qatar called on the siege countries to sit to the negotiating table to end the human rights violations committed in the context of the Gulf crisis, which have affected a large number of individuals and families. This came in the Statement of Qatar, delivered by HE Permanent Representative of the State Qatar to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri, during the general debate on the oral update by the High Commissioner for Human Rights under Item (2) of the Human Rights Council's 39th Session. HE Qatar's Permanent Representative to UN Office in Geneva stated: "We concur with the High Commissioner's statement that political differences may divide some of the countries, but upholding human rights is in the interest of every State. In this context, we call on siege countries to sit to the negotiating table to end the human rights violations committed in the context of the Gulf crisis, which have affected a large number of individuals and families".

Qatar Reiterates Commitment to Mediation to Settle Conflicts by Peaceful Means

The State of Qatar reiterated its commitment to mediation to settle conflicts and disputes by peaceful means, affirming that its interest in mediation lies at the heart of the priority it attaches to the maintenance of peace and security and the peaceful settlement of disputes. The State of Qatar also underlined its keenness on enhancing and supporting the sustainability of peace, as it contributed to the preparation for the UN General Assembly High-level Meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace in April.

H.H The Amir send condolences to Indonesian president

His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani sent cable of condolences to Indonesia president Joko Widodo on the victims of the earthquake that hit Lombok island in western Indonesia,wishing the injured a speedy recovery.